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What Imara's Clients Say

Imara's psychic vision of spiritual transformation and her passion for human potential inspire enthusiasm among those who consult with her or know her, whether for an hour or through their devlopment throughout the years...

“Imara I picked up the governmentís decision in the mail; it was positive. I was so emotional that I sobbed.To just say Thank you seems so little. I am blessed with you in my world. Your belief in me and support Is appreciated; you have no idea. ” — GS, CO (Real Estate Industry Mgr)

“Thank you! I love your professionalism. ” — RA, IA

“Your advice was certainly practical and has been useful. But the session was more than that. I could actually feel my energy shift through your energy shared and by being in your presence. Iím feeling more powerful, more confident just in talking to you. You are a blessing to many people. Thank you, thank you. ” — RH, OH(professional Healer)

“Ever since we spoke with you the momentum has gotten going and so many good things have happened. ” — WH, NV

“The energy from the room of your workshop has filled the store. Everyone is buzzing and has been lingering in the energy after your events this week-end. That always tells us people are pleased . A good sign. ” — EWBS, WA

“My relationships with others are better because of my relationship with you. Really, all my relationships with other people are better because of my relationship with you .” — BK, Businessman, Philanthropist, Consulting with Imara since 1996.

“This was the best consultation . Really--This was truly brilliant. I appreciate this. This is the best money Iíve spent. Not only your psychic talent which was 1000 times better than therapy, but your business expertise was amazing.” — KPO, Casino Director

“With much love and gratitude, Imara, for your special gifts of teaching and healing. Your workshop was amazing as you masterfully weaved our experiences into connective energies of all...guiding us to greater personal peace! I feel so blessed to have been led to you. Look forward to learning more and experiencing your wisdom and light.” — Workshop Attendee, Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach LC

“Thank you !!! Youíre Such A beautiful light And Amazing Gift Divine to us all !!! Thank you for your Presence .” — ED-Sound Healer, HI

“That so resonates, Imara. Thank you for putting it all into perspective and hitting the nail on the head.” — NV, LCSW

“Dear Imara, You inspire us all to be and to do ---to share our gifts with the world. With love and appreciation,” — KF, Author/ Educator, California

“Dear Imara, Thank you for the real information that allows me to plan a path out of the quagmire. Thank you for your gifts !” — Love, Lucy, Illinois

“As Always, I find your words to me very calming and thoughtful. Blessings to you, Imara” — JG, Brooklyn

“You are right-on Imara. Sometimes you talk to people and they are well-reputed, but they are not connected to you. You are connected exactly to me and what I've done in life. And what is going on now. ......This [consultation] was everything I'd hoped it would be AND MORE.” — CP, Insurance Broker, UT

“Hello Imara, thanks again for your insight last night. It blows my mind that youíre capable of seeing so much! Talk to you soon. In the meantime, Iím in reprogram mode!!” — AS, Director of Asian Operations, Singapore, 2011

“I want to tell you that you absolutely get the credit for selling our house a few years ago, so we could move to this wonderful community [and retire] where we have been so happy.” — EB, Retired, Virginia, 2008

“You read for me about 15 years ago and again when the book ['100 Top Psychics in America' —1997]. Everything you told me would happen has happened since then. Things I wasn't planning at the time or would have never guessed. You told me I'd leave my career on Wall Street and do exactly what I am doing nowÖ(I thought you were crazy). . You told me other things would come my way, like a modeling job! I thought you didn't know what you were talking about and I told people that. But, absolutely everything you foretold and happened. I left Wall Street and my career. I moved west. That modeling job you predicted and that I thought you were off the wall for saying, came to me even though was not pursuing anything like that. It happened, I did it and that single job has yielded me over $200,000 these last few years which been a real help. Today I'm doing exactly what you predicted I'd be doing for a living [another totally unrelated career]. — Anon, 2008

“You told me I'd be doing this. Ten years ago you told me I'd leave my business in the auto industry and change to be doing exactly what I'm doing now . Everything you said was right.” — NM, Real Estate Investor, Colorado 2008

“I can't believe how you know so much about me and we've never met. And you hit the nail on the head describing [my partner]. Exactly!” — SB, California, 2008

“My therapist referred me to you. ” — GF, California

“You do so much for so many people. Thank you for helping us.” — Non-profit organization, Colorado, 2008

“Without you this book would not exist.” — JL, California, 2008

“Hi Imara. I'm calling you back to tell you that I just found the all the rings. I just found all of the rings! They were right where you told me to go. My goodness, I don't know what to say. I am so happy. I am so happy and I am so thankful for your help. I have my wedding rings on my hand now and I'm holding his. I am aghast at the talent you have and so grateful that I have access to it. Thank you . Thank you. ”
— VA, 2008.

“Hi, Imara!  Oh, thank you so much for your supportive words. Thank you also for sending healing and strength to [the patient's] family and friends.  They need this so desperately. I cannot tell you how much you have changed my life forever from the first time that we met. ....... Again, I truly appreciate our friendship and your leading and mentoring me down my path. Blessings to you also!” — TK, Seattle

“Thanks so much for your time. Consultations with you are always uplifting and inspiring. And I tell everyone you are so specific; that's what makes you different. My conversation with my editor went better. You were exactly right about my husband's job situation. You are a gem and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. With Love and Gratitude,” — Karen Hart, Author, Mother, etc.

“You were right. There's nothing else to say. With Love and Affection,” — Allan Folsom, bestselling author, Day After Tomorrow, Day of Confession, The Exile, Machiavelli Covenant...

“She has a 95% accuracy rate—I tracked her for four years.” — SP, Management Consultant

“Thank you so much for my friend’s session. He said it was the best thing he has ever done!” — JS, Hong Kong

“I can't believe how right-on target you are!” — C.A., Human Resource Mgmr, NYC

“Yay....We are going to win. You helped me so much. Today could not have gone better. I could reach through my computer and kiss you. ....on another note, you also predicted correctly........ I am THRILLED and you were right!!” — K.B., Invstr/Bus.Devlpr, FL

“Thanks once again! I appreciate your extra effort. As you can see, I did make it!!! Thank you!!!” — Nancy, Public Relations, London

“You are AMAZING, you give so much of yourself, and you live your life with such integrity!” — DC, Business Owner

“As of today I am reaching my goal to sell $10,000 of retail volume for the month of July! Magic happens when you believe in it and combine it with action. Thanks for all your support! I am going to achieve all my goals and you definitely have helped me so much to believe in myself. Thank you. Lots of Love,” — AB, Entrepreneur, CA

“Thanks again, Imara. I have had a couple of great weeks and feel transformed. Lots of things came together and your reading was a big part of it. Thanks.” — MT, Boulder Creek, CA

“Imara, my husband is truly a different man. It's been amazing. Thank you for your help. We love you.” — MW, Boulder, CO

“You changed my life. You opened my heart, my soul, my spirit. It was an amazing experience.” — HT, Homemaker, School Volunteer, Santa Rosa

“That was the best hour of my life!” — PC, Office Mgr, Construction Industry, Santa Cruz

“I just knew you were the only one that could help me with this and give me the explanation I needed.  When I talk to you, you take me to another place and I am able to see and understand.” — Bev G, Littleton CO

“…The good feelings of yesterday’s session linger, and I thank you!…I feel privileged to not only know you are my guide, but also my friend and a kindred spirit.”  And in her book, Vision for a Change: “Imara, my spiritual guide, who has nurtured me through the eye of the tornado to understanding who ‘I’ am through change.” — Lynn Price, Founder, Camp 2 Belong, Author, Oprah’s Use Your Life Angel Network Award, Recipient Points of Light President’s Service Award,….

“Dear Imara, Thank you so much for the amazing insight, guidance and compassion you have shown me in our two sessions together last month. I have been doing MUCH better, and am working on the issues that surfaced. My attitude is upbeat and positive, which is bringing about all sorts of wonderful changes. I am much more relaxed about my path now, and am certain all is unfolding as it should. Again, thank you for the wonderful work you have done for me and for my friends.” — RS, Acupunturist

“Dearest Imara, I often think about you - always with gratitude! I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST !” — HW, Slovenia

“Imara has always been so encouraging, supporting and keeping me on track. I have progressed so much financially, professionally, personally since knowing her and receiving her advice during the last 10 years. She is so amazing. I value her advice and it has paid off every time.” — CS, Exec.Chef, NYC

“The small amount of wisdom that Imara shared with me even before our formal consultation helped me greatly. Her very existence gives me hope that there is indeed more than what is seen and written about our perceptions of this world.” — IW, Boulder, CO

“It was such a great experience speaking with you, it was a strong dose of self confidence and I thank you very much. I look forward to our next meeting. Thank you.....that was very generous of you.” — CA, Human Resources Director

“I want to tell you that you were right-on about the land my wife and I wanted to buy. You cautioned us not to pay more than $277,000 for it. We also discussed a lower price bid to propose to the seller. We got the property for $266,000 and the appraisal came back at exactly $276,000! You were so specific. Oh, and you said that there was already another offer submitted that we would be competing with, and that a condition would be proposed by the seller that we would meet. There was a competitive bid, there was a condition proposed, and it was a condition that we were able to meet.” — PP, Financial Planner/Entrepreneur

“Dear Imara, I do not know if you remember me, but a little over a year ago I came to see you. I am the social worker that works with children who have cancer. I had recently ended a relationship that was causing a lot of hurt. I also wondered if I would go to law school. I had recently tried an on-line dating service, as well. Well, one year later, life is wonderful. I just completed a one year anniversary with a man. He is absolutely wonderful and we are beginning to talk about our future, together. I also will start law school next fall. The "ex" is no longer consuming my life. I am so happy to have moved on! I just wanted to thank-you for the time I spent with you. I think you assisted in allowing me to give permission to myself to move on. I know you will continue to bless people throughout the years.” — AP, Social Worker

“Imara IS enlightenment.” — BG, Littleton, CO

“I have been blessed enough to know Imara for 4 years. I have grown so much these past 4 years, and I continue to grow! The spiritual journey I am on now was helped along the way (and kind of started) with a phone call to Imara in 1999. She's always been there for me.” — SC, New York City

“One of the most valuable things I've ever done.” — TS, Nationwide Business & Mktg Consultant

“Thanks to Imara for her help, guidance and healing. We are fortunate and grateful for all she's done. Our friends are thankful for her intervention in their lives, as well. Imara's consulting has opened a door to a new beginning for me. It is difficult for me to express my gratitude to her for setting me free. My heart is full.” — AT, Prodctn. Mgr.

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! I am so blessed to be able to communicate with Imara and through her to The Spirits. She brings wonderful clarity into my life....when I dance, I say a special prayer and give a special two-step honor beat for her!” — SN, Dancer

“She has been so right about everything in my life—my career, my children, my pregnancies, my money. Even my skeptical husband is now a believer!” — LB, Real Estate Broker

“Imara has always made time for me. I am so grateful for her in my life. She has always been supportive, encouraging and right on.” — ES, Teacher

“We couldn't have asked for more. Her wonderful spirit helped bring the right energies together. We are so grateful to know her.” — SM, Corporate Executive

“I was amazed that she could know so much about me and my life without ever having met me.” — LC, Rancher

“For a decade, she has never been wrong about my money; when she predicts money or a promotion for me, I can bank on it.” — DD, Banker

“I thank her for not letting me pull the wool over my own eyes.” — KW, Chef

“This year's Health and Wellness Fair was a success due to her participation.” — IBM Corp.

“Sending our sons to her Summer Spirit Camp was one of the best things we've ever done for them.” — KG, Homemaker, Writer

“I have grown so much in these last years since I have known her. I count Imara as one of my Blessings.” — HM, Project Manager

“Imara last year you gazed into the inside of my book project and gave me info about my book and it's all coming true. I'm so excited. I'm getting great reviews from magazines and other professionals, as you predicted. I've been telling all my friends about you! Thank you” — Joseph, Professional Musician, Author Double Pedal Gold

“As I get ready to celebrate my daughter's 3rd birthday, I have to tell you she is exactly as you described her before she was born--to a T. I realize how many years I have known you, Imara, (since before I met my husband!) and how long you've been helping me and my family.” — BS, Coral Gables

“She was 100% right about our 4 year old. Because of her we got the right diagnosis, medical and educational help he needs. She changed my son's life forever. We are so grateful.” — GM, Aesthetician

“You really helped me be a better parent and understand my children. You've given me good tools for understanding our relationships and how to work with them.” — MG, Mother, Software Exec.

“The quality of her workshop was better than any I have ever attended.” — RS, Registered Nurse

“I didn't want to believe her. I didn't believe her. But, she was right. I've learned to listen now. It's helped me to change my life for the better.” — DF, Actress

“My husband used to say: “Why are you calling Imara? We don't have the money to do that.” Now my husband says: “Did you call Imara first? We can't afford not to call her.” ” — BR, Homemaker (Husband, Corp.Manager)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for inspiration, advice, support and a few good laughs along the way! It was a great session, as always, and you are amazing!” — GIT, California

News Articles, Features, and Interviews with Imara

U.S.News & World Report: Psst! Want a Hot Tip? Try a Crystal Ball by Marci McDonald, January 8, 2001, Millennium Issue Spheres For Fears: How Crystals and Minerals Can Help the World by Imara

The Paracast: The Paracast for July 18, 2006 radio interview with Imara on The Paracast, hosted by Gene Steinberg and David Biedny. MP3 download(1.5 hours).

Intelligence, Intuition, Integrity

Imara guides, teaches, opens the doors of your life or business as options for the taking.

That Imara may draw upon her impressive and diverse background to serve you or your group in joy, honor and practicality, please call:

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